9 Female Friendly Places in India for Solo Trips

Brief about the journey

India has experienced a level of increase in the number of female travelers going on solo trips around the country. Here, I have listed ten places across the country which are considered to be relatively safe for women that are also worth visiting.

In Details

1. Auroville, Puducherry

Auroville, a small town on the north of the Union Territory of Puducherry, is visited by people from around the country and the world for its serene beaches and quaint beauty.

Tourists linger around the beaches and roam around the beautiful streets of Auroville by renting an e-cycle or a motorbike for the day. Women looking to spend some good quality time by themselves often visit Auroville to enjoy the town’s architectural beauty, cafes and picturesque streets. It is safe to simply rent a bicycle or a motorbike to travel freely around the town at their own leisure.

Some places that women can visit on their solo trips to Auroville include Auro Beach, Serenity Beach, Matrimandir, Town Hall and the Tibetan Centre.

2. Hampi, Karnataka

Located about 340 km away from the city of Bengaluru, lies Hampi, an ancient village situated on the banks of the river Tungabhadra in northern Karnataka. This primeval village is a renowned World Heritage Site listed under UNESCO, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India.

Hampi has become a frequent go to destination for women with an interest in ancient architecture. The village is preferred by women due to its known safety and the well-connected roads through the Karnataka bus services. The best means of exploring the primordial village of Hampi is by foot or by renting a bike for the day.

Some good tourist spots that solo female travellers can visit are the Royal Centre, Hemakuta Hill, Vittala Temple and the Hampi Bazaar, for some shopping.

3. Munnar, Kerala

One of the most celebrated solo visit destinations in South India is the beautiful Munnar. This scenic town has established itself as a proper tourism destination, sprawling with luxury hotels and resorts.

The breath-taking Munnar, gives its visitors a slice of heaven; with its scenic virgin forests, valleys and gushing streams and waterfalls. Women come to Munnar on solo trips for the famous and special Neelakurinji flowers that bloom in a span of every twelve years, which is often referred to as a surreal and break taking experience.

4. Gokarna, Karnataka

Due to the perpetual crowds in the beaches of Goa, solo travelers have started exploring the small town of Gokarna, located in Karnataka as an alternative.

Women who seek to enjoy a relaxed holiday with breathtaking landscapes and tropical beach weather, come to Gokarna to visit the beautiful temples and pristine beaches. All of the beaches of the town have coconut and palm trees surrounding the vicinity and affordable shacks that can be rented out during the stay there.

5. Guwahati, Assam

Guwahati, the capital of the state of Assam is located in the less visited North Eastern part of the country. The city is situated between the picturesque hills of the Eastern Himalayas, giving it a unique beauty and making it the gateway to visit the other seven Sisters of North Eastern India.

This small city is known for being one of the safest places, especially for women in India. The magnificent Brahmaputra river flows through the city, which gives it a rather peaceful ambience despite the modern lifestyle that the people lead. Women looking to spend some time in a juxtaposed environment with both ancient and modern aspects, often visit this city.

Some worth places that can be visited by solo travellers are the Kamakhya Temple and the Umananda Temple.

6. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Commonly referred to as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations in India’, Kodaikanal is situated 469 km away from the city of Bengaluru. This scenic hill station is frequented by women on solo trips as the place assures several natural attractions such as Coaker’s Walk, Silver Cascade, Bryant Park, Pillar Rocks and Kodai Lake.

Female tourists who are looking for a getaway from their hectic city lives to a moderately non-commercialised hill station, must most definitely visit Kodai to make the best out of the lovely weather and natural attractions.

7. Ajmer, Rajasthan

Nestled in the Aravalli ranges towards the South West of the city of Jaipur is the crowd favourite destination of Ajmer.

Women seeking adventure can indulge in camel safari, trekking and camping in the city. One of the most frequented sights in Ajmer is the Dargah Sharif, a Sufi shrine that gives its visitors a slice of rituals and tradition. Solo travellers visit Ajmer to get a soothing experience as the city ensures the tourists a good time full of escapades into the temples and ancient architecture, along with a spiritual experience.

8. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Regarded as one of the holiest places of India is the city of Varanasi, located in the state Uttar Pradesh. Women interested in a spiritual getaway can come to this ancient city for a long stay, which can include engaging in activities such as yoga, music workshops and traditional massages.

Despite being a primarily religious city, women on solo trips can visit the place to enjoy the infamous river ghats, and get a tranche of the spiritual and mystical essence of the place.

9. Alappuzha, Kerala

Commonly associated with the tag, ‘Venice of the East’, is the small city of Alappuzha in Kerala. Alappuzha assures its tourists, a mesmerising experience consisting of greenery-fringed roads and alluring backwaters.

Solo travellers visit this city, that is home to a network of backwaters with rice barges and village life along the banks. Alappuzha gives its visitors an unforgettable experience, with its quaint villages and enchanting houseboat cruises.


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